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About Vanessa

My massage practice has it's roots in nourishing the wholeness of our bodies and spirits. For me it's about listening to what my clients needs are and honoring each unique individual.  It is about empowering people by offering self-care techniques and the time to connect to themselves. 

I work with women of all ages and  I offer a wide range of clinical and therapeutic bodywork. 


I have extensive training in abdominal and pelvic massage as well as pregnancy massage. I have studied with Dr. Rosita Arvigo and Tami Lynn Kent, PT.  


Most recently my continued education training has been focused on massage for people living with cancer with Gayle MacDonald, L.M.T.   Oncology massage can instill a sense of peace and comfort in the midst of chaos.


I'm on a lifelong journey of deepening my relationship with the natural world, my intuition and honoring the sacredness of healing and the healing of sacredness.  It is truly an honor to offer bodywork, to use my hands and continue to learn from all those I work with. 











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